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We make sure your project is a success.

Fresh coco is a team of young, hungry and successful people ready to innovate the way you invest and vacationate.


“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” -Andrew Carnegie

We create architecture that bring life

We are a team that carries out your project design and construction, we also offer our administration, project, construction, marketing and graphic design services for your rental or sale project.

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We divide between creative strategies and digital experiences, finding strong messages and visual essence.


Graphic Design

Web Design

Video Render

Market research

Financial study

Master broker

Social Media Ads

Our success

With our developers, we have over 25 years of experience and more than 100 projects succesfully executed. We seek to make you feel safe and calm that your project will nurture your prosperity

freshcoco is a company founded by Espacio Magenta

We are Mexican design & construction Agencies based in Monterrey NL, who specialize in Design, Commercial and corporative developments.

With over a decade of experience, we are energetic, fresh and vibrant team, offering creative talent and construction knowledge in the industry.

Cintermex, Av. Fundidora 501, Col. Obrera, Monterrey, N.L.
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Pre-sale Projects

You have never seen this before

Vacationate and invest in freshcoco’s way, own a property in the best location with high investment return.

Every freshcoco project is unique and full of partnerships with restaurants, bars and beach clubs that you will be able to enjoy.


We care about our world

How are freshcoco developments helping?

Sustainable technology

Our development process explore various ways to use sustainable energies and technologies

Renewable energy

Our projects are made with energy-efficent technology


We make sure to increase the nature of the environment


We love pets, and we know you do too

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